The Cast of “Parks and Recreation” Say Goodbye The Only Way They Know How on Late Night

Right after the finale of Parks and Recreation aired last night, the entire cast as well as co-creator Mike Schur (and a special guest that came to “Jamm” things up) appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to relive all the memories.

Of course, the goodbye, perhaps the last time all of them will be in a room together went as memorable and as in the spirit-of-Parks-and-Rec as it could be. 

There was a barely rehearsed song for Seth Meyers.

There were toasts from one cast member to another one picked from a hat.

There was even another song that was supposed to be a final rendetion of “Bye, Bye Li’l Sebastian”, but Jim O’Heir, Aubrey Plaza, and Jon Glaser had other plans.