Nore Davis’ Too Woke! Is Another Great, Exuberant Hour


There is a certain, great innocence that Nore Davis has a knack for preserving with his hysterical insights into the troubling world around him. It’s kind of a rare feat to pull off in comedy, especially to do so without sounding overly self-righteous or preachy. 

On his third album Too Woke!, Nore maximizes this talent of commenting on such hot button issues nuances of race, gender, class, and sexuality all while being still very much on point with his punchlines, tags, and delivery. Nore himself is also a joy to listen to as his voice is so animated in so many particularly splendid ways.  

Too Woke! just come out today, fresh off the presses from Blonde Medicine and you can (and should) go get it here.