Noah Baumbach’s Latest Film “Yen Din Ka Kissa” Is Under Way with Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler Starring

(via The Film Stage)

There are only a few details to wrap our heads around right now, but we’re still reeling from Baumbach and Gerwig’s Mistress America from last year and will be keeping a close eye on this.

At this point, we know that production has just started, it follows an estranged NYC family getting ready an art retrospective of a patriarch, Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller star along with Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, and Grace Van Patten, and the film’s current title Yen Din Ka Kissa translates to The Story of The Day in Hindi).

Again, it’s only a few details at this point, but we can see how this could have the makings for another great movie from a rare auteur in this era of comedy, Noah Baumbach