CBS Gets a Bit Edgy with “No Activity” from Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Funny or Die

This uncensored trailer for No Activity, which will be a marquee series of CBS streaming platform, CBS All Access, is decidedly (and thankfully) against type for the broadcast network. 

Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Funny or Die along with the cavalcade of your favorite comedy stars (Tim Meadows, Jason Mantzoukas, Arturo Castro,  Bridget Everett, Amy Sedaris, etc.) explore what happens in the downtime of detectives and criminals (i.e. the countless hours spent waiting for something to happen).

Of course, such downtime leaves room for plenty of decidedly non-professional police or criminal syndicate behavior. See for yourself in the trailer here.

No Activity debuts on CBS All Access on November 12th.