In Case You Didn’t Know, Murderfist Has a Bunch of New Sketches for You to Binge Watch

15 years ago, John Moreno, Walter Replogle, Holden McNeely, Henry Zebrowski, Jackie Zebrowski, Amber Nelson, Ed Larson, Jared Warner, Kelan Maloney, and Adam Wirtz made a wonderfully unholy alliance as a sketch group that would be come to known and loved as Murderfist

In that time, they made some of the funniest and darkest sketches that the NYC (and the Internet) has seen. Paste has a great oral history of the group that you should read if you’re unfamiliar with the group’s origins and rise.

The last few years have been kind of quiet for Murderfist leaving us all kind of jonesin’. However, a good portion of Murderfist now lives in LA and seems to having the wheels turning once again. There’s a bunch of new videos on their YouTube channel that you should obsess over here.

This “coming out” sketch is one of our favorites in particular from their latest batch.