John Mulaney and Stephen Colbert Have an Honest to Goodness Conversation on The Late Show

For the most part, interviews on late night talk shows are highly produced (i.e. a producer figures out what stories and bits the guest should do before hand) and, at this point in time, especially if you watch even a little bit of late night, you can often suss out the transparency of how artificial the chat between host and the guest is.

Every now and again, the mold gets broken by a great guest and, if the host is nimble, perceptive, and sharp enough, the conversation will not only be real, but incredibly engaging, funny, heartfelt, and so much more. 

Stephen Colbert’s interview with John Mulaney last night was one such lovely conversation and, we think, CBS put the whole thing up on YouTube for you to enjoy. So, please enjoy Mulaney and Colbert’s charming back-and-forth that definitely went way deeper than whatever was pre-arranged (assuming that there were any notes for Colbert to reference at all) here.