Morning Debriefing 9/4/11

1) Yet another venue for comedy is opening up as other rooms have shut down: Dangerfield’s II in Silverlake, according to their Facebook page, is an intimate setting to work on new routines and ideas for comedians. There will be 4 performances a week including open mics and monthly podcasts. Although we at Dangerfield’s II will be booking most of the shows, we encourage performers to approach us with their show ideas. If you have an idea for a theme night, sketch show, performance art, or musical comedy, please contact us to see if we can work together. All shows are free with a requested $5 donation as we rely on these donations to keep the studio up and running. 

More details here.

2) At 10:07AM PST, @allthingsbrody tweetedOnce the desire to pitch and drum returns, you’ll soon be able to see my brand of humor on the horizon. Oh, and yes, I’ll be podcasting.” Good to hear as well as seeing him tweeting right back at his usual speed.  Can’t wait to see him take the stage again.

3) National Lampoon weighs in on the Katt Williams incident.

4) Baron Vaughn’s album “Raised by Cable” on AST Records drops this Tues. 9/6, but you can pre-order it right now.

5) Just in case what you were wondering what Emo Phillips performing in a tent at the FYF Fest yesterday looked like, here it is… [via Nerdist]

Sweeeeeeeet!! Watching Emo Philips DESTROY at FYF Fest! Thanks @jonahray & @kumailn!

6) One of our favorite hashtags on Twitter this week: #IfOldJokesWereAboutDepression

The Matt Goldich Twitter Talk Show @ Wed. Sept. 7th 4PM FREE
The Good Bits @ Witzend Wed. Sept. 14th 8PM $5

Matt Besser: The Most Offensive One Man Show Ever @ UCB Theatre 6PM FREE
First Sunday Funnies w/Jeremy Paul Headlining @ Back to the Grind 7PM FREE
French Toast-Margie’s B-day Edition @ Taix 8:30PM FREE
Powerviolence @ The Complex 9PM FREE
The Comedy Cooler @ Max Steiner’s 9PM FREE
Top Story Weekly @ iO West 9PM $5 
Gravid Water @ UCB Theatre 9:30PM $5 (stand by only) 
Shitty Jobs @ UCB Theatre 11PM $5 (stand by only) 

PALMS 8572 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA/Starts 6PM/lottery
SAL’S COMEDY HOLE 7356 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA/Starts 6PM/$4 min./first come, first served
PARADISE PERKS 15475 Jeffrey Rd., Irvine, CA/Sign-up 6:30PM/Starts 7PM/only 10 spots available
NERDIST THEATRE 7522 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA (back room of Meltdown Comics)/Sign-up 7:15PM/Starts 7:30PM/lottery/30 spots available/no purchase necessary
TSUNAMEDY @ TRIBAL CAFE 1651 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA (Echo Park)/Sign-up 8PM/Starts 9PM/first come, first served/mixed mic
MARTY’S/THE OPEN MIC 7351 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA (walk up Martel past Big Mama’s and Papa’s)/5PM to 11PM/$5/multiple sets allowed/bottled water and coffee available  

10) After hearing stories about kidney transplants, heroin use, accidental suicide, forced cum swallowing, perhaps being “boring” and “lame” is OK.

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