Morning Debriefing 5/4/12

1) Pete Holmes was on TMZ. Is that what qualifies making it in Tinseltown now? Also, does anyone still call it Tinseltown? ALSO, is TMZ going to ambush Drew Carey at UCB tonight? These are questions we want answered.


2) Last night on late night:
Stephen Colbert worried about Lena Dunham
Colbert talked Super PAC with Letterman 

3) Veep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus chatted with NPR and HBO Connect

4) The hilarious Jackie Kashian simultaneously gave all the answers to most interviews that she’ll get as well as laying some wonderful truth about comedy including a great answer for what she would do if she wasn’t doing comedy. Please read.

5) Greg Barris imagines his ideal of real love in this completely sincere web video

6) When Set List: The Improvised Stand-Up Show is over, it still isn’t over as Kumail Nanjiani tried to do an interview following his set, while “no one”, possibly Reggie Watts, was watching him.

7) There’s a trailer now for the Feelings Comedy Tour with Dave Ross, Jake Weisman, and Matt Ingebretson.

8) Ep. 15 of Louis vs. Rick, the story of a man who taught his cat to use instant messaging.

9) If you’re wondering what the latest emoticons that kids are into these days, let Jake Weisman fill you in.

10) I’d like to think there’d be a day where they will be nothing more to adapt into a movie, but originality without a built-in market is always a risky business model, right Hollywood?

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