Morning Debriefing 2/28/11


2) Love’em or hate’em, the Oscars took place last night and several of us watched it, and plenty tweeted about it.  Handpicked, hometown (LA/Hollywood) favorites were retweeted last night and are now featured here: 

“@shanenickerson "Who are you wearing?” ‘Some guy named Ken I murdered.’-serial killer up for an Academy Award, being interviewed by Tim Gunn. #oscars"-Shane Nickerson

“@Puddinstrip I’ve seen Jake LaMotta do a better monologue. #oscars”-Puddin’ Comic Strip

“@kirkfox Strange. Not one nominee was wearing jc penny.”-Kirk Fox

“@NickYoussef "Anne Hathaway thinks Anne Hathaway is hilarious” – Anne Hathaway #Oscars"-Nick Youssef

“@FojasBradley Are the refs watching the #oscars? They don’t seem to be watching this game. #heatvsknicks”-Bradley Fojas

“@sbellelauren "hey everybody, go fuck yourselves” – james franco being interpreted to foreigners"-Lauren Ashley Bishop

“@thatRamosgirl Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi do NOT make me want to pledge money to this telethon. #Oscars”-Vanessa Ramos

“@FrankConniff Billy Crystal at the #Oscars got a standing ovation for everything except his work in movies.”-Frank Conniff

“@pattonoswalt Daniel Day Lewis has the depth of commitment to the craft of acting to die just to liven up next year’s death montage. #Oscars”-Patton Oswalt

“@MrsRupertPupkin I’ve already cried 3 times during the Oscars – Once because I’m out of wine and twice because I’m single. #Oscars”-Lauren Caltagirone

“@moshekasher Who is this jew? #OSCARS”-Moshe Kasher

“@normmacdonald you guys were the 83rd best hosts ever.”-Norm MacDonald

“@paulcibis If the hosts are operating at the level of a high school talent show, why not end with a grade school choir recital? #Oscars”

3) March 12th will probably be the first time in over a decade that I might actually watch SNL in a decade.  Zach Galifianakis is hosting.  How about that?  Someone that has been paid to be funny on a consistent basis to host a program that’s supposed to be funny… what a novel concept… It just might work.  Mar. 12th.

4) Recent Articles written by the Comedy Bureau: Tip of the Hat-Eddie Pepitone, Into the “Heart of Darkness” of an Old Fashioned Good Time.

5) Tonight’s COMEDY CRAWL
What’s Up Tiger Lily? On The Pulse Showcase @ Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill 8PM FREE
Cartoon Dump @ Steve Allen Theater 8PM $10
No Class Comedy @ Tommy’s Place on USC Campus 8:30PM FREE
Keep It Clean Comedy @ 1739 Public House 10PM FREE

CLUB 705 705 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach, CA/Starts 7PM-ish
JAKE’S 38 W. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA/Sign-up (lottery) 7:30PM
HARLEM PLACE CAFE 124 W. 4th St. (in alley between Main and Spring St.)/Starts 8PM/e-mail for spots
D’AMORE’S 8369 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA/Sign-up (lottery) 8PM/Purchase required
GROUND ZERO CAFE 615 Childs Way, Los Angeles, CA (USC on campus nestled in between dorms near intersection of Figueroa and Exposition)/USC student Sign-up 9PM/Non Student Sign-up 9:15PM/Starts 9:30PM 
MARTY’S/THE OPEN MIC 7351 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA (walk up Martel past Big Mama’s and Papa’s)/5PM to 11PM/$5 Cover/Free coffee & water. 

7) Couldn’t have said it better myself: “@kylekinane The idea that art has to have a "best of” category destroys the whole concept.“-Kyle Kinane

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