Morning Debriefing 2/12/12

1) Petition Weird Al Yankovic to play the Super Bowl next year because the Super Bowl Half Time Show is big enough of an event to have itself parodied.

2) Lost Moon Radio released their 2nd album, Ready for Love, just in time for Valentine’s Day, which is will be a perfect remedy to staying inside all day avoiding seeing couples in love.

3) Henry Phillips’ Henry’s Kitchen has gone worldwide! (there’s an episode dubbed in French with Chinese subtitles)

4) Andy Wood found that Bartlett’s Quotations is missing quite a few quotes from the most famous minds throughout history.

5) Next Monday, Feb. 20th, The Hollywood Fringe Festival will be having a mixer at Three Clubs 7PM, which would be a really great opportunity to get more comedy into the Hollywood version of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

6) Want a March Madness for sitcoms throughout the lexicon of television history in Feb.? Splitsider’s got you covered.

7) Check out this dope new Good Neighbor video because HS kids from Huntington Beach trying to make a news show out of their garage is pretty funny.

8) So the limits of comedy will be tested yet again as the Grammys are tonight on CBS 8PM EST (though it seems there will be a delay that won’t make the telecast available at 5PM PST for the West Coast) and Twitter timelines will be filled with bickering over joking about the late Whitney Houston and what everyone is wearing. Just an FYI.

9) An unequivocal mark of success in the entertainment industry is when a bunch of punk ass kids who have the anonymity of the Internet make jokes that are mostly terrible, especially if you’re not a comedian, as soon as you die.

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