Morning Debriefing 1/29/11

1) RT @thecomedybureau According to LA Comics Waiting to Go Up #hipstersitcoms.  Though it might seem goofy, Twitter exploded with all the funny tweets at this joke hashtag: M*E*H (@blainecapatchTwo Guys, a Girl, and a Vegan Pizza Place That’s Just Alright, But Like, What Else Is In This Shit City? (@ShutUpAndrosky) There’s Gotta Be More Than 10 Things That I Hate About You (@lizzwinstead)

2) The Results for Comedy Central’s Stand Up Showdown (via The Comic’s Comic) Details about what it means to finish in the Top 20 means when I get them.

3) NY Times profiles the return of Chris Elliott and EAGLEHEART (which should really be watched by everyone on Feb. 3rd on Adult Swim via Cartoon Network MIDNIGHT).

4) Tip of the Hat 1/28/11-Greg Proops

5) Oh, yeah. Thank You Very Cool is on Comedy Central with Nick Kroll and other people bearing a slight resemblance to Nick Kroll 10PM tonight.  Watch Nick and all of his peeps, will ya?

6) What would have been a day commemorating 100 Days of the Comedy Bureau is tentatively on hold.  Details to soon follow.

7) Tonight’s COMEDY CRAWL-because Patton Oswalt at Largo is sold out
Two Milk Minimum @ Flappers Burbank 11:30AM $10/2 item min.
Just for Laughs Showcase @ Hollywood Improv Lab 7PM FREE
2011: A Space Boners Odyssey @ Silverlake Lounge 7PM FREE
Humorous Event @ Aida Theatre 8PM $10
Channel 101 Screening @ Downtown Independent Theater 9PM FREE
Australia is Down Under Benefit w/Jim Jeffries @ Hollywood Improv 9:30PM $20/2 item min.
Ed Galvez’s Punk House Weekend Edition @ Westside Comedy Theatre 9PM $10
Just for Laughs Showcase @ Fake Gallery (4319 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA) 10PM $5
Tomorrow w/Ron Lynch @ Steve Allen Theater MIDNIGHT $8 

8) OPEN MIC RUN 1/29/11

9) Recently: Comedian Charlie Callas just passed away at 83.  With his plethora of voices and facial expressions such as this, stand up comedy was able to evolve several years later into this with Matt Braunger.

10) This is happening tonight and the Comedy Bureau will be out on the street (meaning at a comedy club/show, not actually the physical street)

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