Morning Debriefing 10/30/10

1) For those open mic connoiseurs, the iCandy open mic along with the accompanying Kerry Arnold Stevens Comedy Etc. Show actually achieves a rare feat by leaving you FEELING ACTUALLY GOOD after you leave as opposed to most open mics where you feel DEAD INSIDE after waiting over 2 hours for 5 minutes or less of unavoidable bombing.  With an intimate set-up, a prize raffle, and a great host in veteran Long Beach comedian Shayne Michael, iCandy open mic/K.A.S. Comedy Etc. Show is definitely worth it.  Every Friday, starting at 7PM, K.A.S. Comedy Etc. Show at 8PM w/open mic continuing after.

2) The Comedy Crawl for tonight (if you can physically be in multiple places at one time): Space Boners Halloween Show: Ogre Mage Debut @ Silverlake Lounge at 7PM FREE w/costume contest and $1 sword raffle, then An Evening with Brody Stevens @ the Hollywood Improv w/Brody Stevens, Howard Kremer, and Rory Scovel $18 and 2 item min., then Robot Seizure @ The Attic Theatre 8PM FREE w/one drink min., then, simultaneously, From the Crypt: A Retro Horror Revue @ the UCB Theatre $5 AND Tomorrow w/ Ron Lynch presents “You Only Live Twice” @ The Steve Allen Theater $8.  

3) Coming soon to the Comedy Bureau: “Bureau Approved” L.A. Open Mic Map/Calendar & expanded and infinitely more detailed Greater LA Comedy Landscape.

4) Again, remember, remember, the 9th of November…  Señor Fish in Little Tokyo is going to have a brand new open mic and, in case you haven’t guessed, I’m running it. So far, I’m going to raffle off 2, count’em just like a car salesman, 2 “15 minute drop-in spots” for the following week.  Pretty good, right?  NO!! 15 MINUTES IN LA IS F’N GOLD!!!  Again more details coming soon.

5) I thought it was a good thing if other comics referenced your act until someone referenced it by singing a song called “I’ll Never Get Laid”.

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