Morning Debriefing 10/28/10

1) Despite showing up late, Beer in the Shower @ White Horse Inn Cocktail Lounge, catching Nick Vatterott and Jerry Rocha w/host Paul Danke was THE WAY to close out a Wednesday night especially if someone said about everything you’ve written a few hours earlier, “I don’t understand any of your fuckin’ shit, man.  What the hell is going on your head? I can tell you don’t sleep.  You should sleep and stop writing.”  If only I skipped my screenwriter’s group, I would have caught the hilarity of Shawn Pearlman, Eddie Pepitone, and Fortune Feimster.  Catch Beer in the Shower every Wednesday, 10PM @ White Horse.

2) Just because its miles outside of LA proper, doesn’t mean that there’s nothing funny about Long Beach.  Comedians Chris Adams and Jerry Brandt prove that in spades and THEN SOME with their weekly podcast Drinking Buddies.  This week, longtime LA comedy vet Don Barris and the hilarious Tim Babb talk everything from comedy to Disneyland to rape and, of course, drinking.  See how everything connects here

3) “Jesse Miller.  Straight up.” –Andre Hyland.  Every few weeks at the AMAZING Anna Lee Lawson Comedy Hour @ The Next Stage Theatre, Andre Hyland transforms into Jesse Miller and takes over with the Jesse Miller Talk Show (next one’s in November).  Check out Jesse on a Trikke.  Again, it’s straight up.

4) From the World Famous Comedy Garage, quintessential hipster LA comedian Paul Danke gives you some advice on Halloween costumes so you don’t look totally lame, unless you’re being ironic, well, then, you know what I mean….  Check it on Funny or Die here.

5) There will be a brand new open mic in town at Señor Fish in Little Tokyo starting Nov. 9th. Happy hour w/$3 beers & $2 fish tacos and more details coming soon.