Morning Debriefing 10/26/10

1) Keep It Clean @ 1739 Public House was “on” last night w/ JC Coccoli regulating both comedically and on the juke box guy who keeps breaking her equipment.  In case you missed it, WHICH YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE, Nimesh Patel, Kyle Dunnigan, Mike Burns, Kevin Kataoka, Nick Vatterott, Matty Goldberg, Heather Thomson, Yassir Lester, and a special sneak-in drop-in by TJ Miller all kept the laughs rolling heartily for those night owl Los Feliz hipsters for completely FREE!!  AND IN THIS ECONOMY…. RIGHT?  

2) The newly minted webseries “Anne, Frankly” is, as co-creator/temporarily LA comedienne Jamie Lee would say, “FRANTASTIC the 3rd!!!”  Seriously, it’s amazing, especially if you’ve ever wondered what Anne Frank’s vlog would look like.  Brought to you by Jamie Lee & Shawn Pearlman.

3) Doing 6 minutes of stand up at an open mic in between ultra indie/hipster bands is every bit as hard as you can possibly imagine, especially when you wrote a brand spanking new 10 minutes just an hour before. 

4) The newly formed Comedy Bureau will literally have its hand, the one with the mic in it, on the pulse of LA Comedy.  So come back, comics and real people, frequently to see what’s up with what’s funny in the city with no center.

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