‘Miracle Workers’ Is Now Going on The Oregon Trail for Their Latest Season

Miracle Workers might prove itself to be one of the most ambitiously conceptualized series on TV. Of course, that is Simon Rich’s forte and it can be great when Rich gets quite a bit of latitude to take his shows wherever he so chooses.

They started at wondering at what was up with an almighty God and then they went to the Dark Ages and now they’re all the way in the untamed West of 19th century America. Even anthology series generally don’t take such wild pivots, but it is what keeps intriguing us about Miracle Workers as the show continues on TBS.

From the looks of it, this might be one of the best seasons yet in how it gleefully pokes at all the tropes and history of the Wild West including Radcliffe, perhaps, playing some version of Mormonism founder Joseph Smith.

Get a look at this literally trail blazing season of Miracle Workers here, then look for the premiere on Tues. July 13th on TBS.