Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass Are Taking Submissions for Mike’s (Sort of) Understudy for “The New One” on Broadway

The announcement continues:

But – next best thing – on January 16th, you’ll perform your monologue on the Cort Theatre stage introduced by This American Life’s Ira Glass. In other words … your own Broadway debut! (Nathan Lane: please do not apply.)

To be clear, I don’t want you to impersonate me. I want to see YOURversion of it. You can post the videos on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #BirbigsUnderstudy. Be sure to tag @NewOneBway!

Thanks for throwing your hat in the ring! Really looking forward to this.

Love, Mike.

Even though it’s ultimately a minute or so of stage time and you’ll be performing a monologue from Mike’s old solo shows, this definitely is something you might want to get in on.

Also, we would not be surprised if this ends up being the seed or a major plot point for Mike’s next show.