Maya Rudolph and Martin Short’s Variety Show Called “Maya and Martin in Manhattan”,  Premieres on May 31st and Will Have Kenan Thompson on Board

(via Deadline)

So, NFL Sunday is to Monday Night Football as Saturday Night Live will be to Maya and Martin in Manhattan on Tuesdays?

The live musical-comedy variety show that first starred with Maya Rudolph, but has since added Martin Short to share top billing and, recently, SNL’s Kenan Thompson finally has a name and a premiere date. Maya and Martin in Manhattan, which will undoubtedly be abbreviated to MAMIM, or maybe even MMM, will premiere on NBC on Tuesday May 31st at 10PM.

We suspect that it’ll be way more musical than SNL given Short and Rudolph’s penchant for funny musical numbers, but we’ll have to wait over two months to find out for sure.