Louis C.K. Says He’ll Be Making His Money Back on “Horace and Pete”

This means he still is pushing forward in revolutionizing television as we know it.

With a ten-episode first season that came out of his pocket (and a credit line that he had to open up), Louis C.K.’s original series Horace and Pete gained plenty of critical acclaim and went reportedly millions of dollars in the red

For any of those worried that C.K.’s experimentation in new forms of media distribution was at risk, you might have started worrying a little too soon. 

Louis went on The Tonight Show last night and told Jimmy Fallon that he is set to make his money back on the show in about a month.

That’s not quite gangbusters, but it does mean that Louis has broke even independently creating, producing, and distributing his own TV show on his own digital platform. 

It’s a feat, milestone that will be a major part in ushering in the new era of television where the lines between streaming services, networks, creators, etc. are blurred. Undoubtedly, C.K. will try more genre-bending shows, films, and otherwise on LouisCK.net very soon.