Pick of the Day: Hideout Online Presents: Legally Not Allowed to Leave the Room 10/2

As co-creator of one of the most hilariously chaotic variety shows we’ve ever seen, Late Late Breakfast, we trust in Tyler Jackson to make one hysterical whirlwind of a show when it comes to recreating the cult classic, Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, via a live-stream, with many of the best comedy folks from all over the country.

Per his announcement:

LEGALLY NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE ROOM is a complete, feature-length re-imagining of the cult classic film THE ROOM. Part parody, part loving homage, it is The Room remade by over 50 teams of artists, using whatever they had around them during the quarantine. Musicians, comedians, puppeteers, animators, and video artists transform the original film from a bizarre melodrama into a kaleidoscope of bad accents, even worse wigs, stock footage, acid trips, prank shows, body doubles, and Lynchian horror.

No matter how this goes, it ought to be a damn hysterical time and will assuredly be less insane than what reality has presented us.

Legally Not Allowed to Leave the Room is set to stream this Fri. Oct. 2nd at 6PM PT/8PM CT/9PM ET. It’ll be presented by The Hideout in Chicago and tickets are $5 (proceeds go to saving stages via NIVA). Go get more details and tickets here.