Watch Trailer’s for Lance Bangs’ “Flophouse” Where He Explores the Comedy Underground

Since time immemorial, comedians have often lived together in what many would considered cramped, messy, and raucous living situations. Comedians, for the most part, think it’s just fine. 

In this latest golden era of comedy, there’s a whole new excitement brewing in the underground and, with the aid of the Internet, it’s not quite as underground (i.e. no one has ever heard of it) as it used to be.

Lance Bangs explores this subculture that’s bridging its way to the big time, though, on its own terms, in his Viceland series Flophouse. Specifically, he goes through these comedian ‘flophouses’ and then sees them all put on a live show on a rooftop, in a back yard, in a garage, etc. 

Here’s a trailer for Flophouse in case you’re curious as to what this all looks like and haven’t gotten the luck to go to a house comedy show.

By the way, featured in the trailer are:
Kate Willett, Clare O’Kane, Solomon Georgio, Amy Miller, Brent Weinbach, Brandon Wardell, Eric Dadourian, Dave Stone, Maria Bamford, James Adomian, Sean Patton, James Austin Johnson, David Gborie, Steve Agee, and much more.

Look for Flophouse to come to Vice’s new Viceland on Feb. 29th.