YEAH! RE:COM #4 is ready for order; featured inside is Tim Minchin, Andy Kindler, Jon Benjamin, Rob Delaney, the Late Live Show (Chicago), Hamclown (Los Angeles), Annie Lederman (New York City), and more. A bunch more! Order/download now! Or soon!

Huge thanks to contributors Erin Nekervis, Mindy Tucker, Aziz Lalani, Susan Kindler, Elizabeth McQuern and Megan Curran (photography), Jeremy Nguyen and Andrew DeWitt (illustration), Lauren Vino, Hank Thompson, Travis Tack, Nimesh Patel, Ron Babcock, EJay Buoncore and Jake Kroeger (essays), Tia Ayers and Sara Buffington, our favorite ‘tender. And all of my love to Michelle Peterson, design and writer extraordinaire.

RE:COM is a fantastic print magazine about comedy put together by fantastic people giving a great picture of what’s really happening in the world of comedy. Everyone reading this should pick up an issue or digitally download it. 

Also, as an extra incentive, we wrote a little something in this issue.