Please Enjoy The Puterbaugh Sisters’ Delightfully Demented Web Series “Kitchen Women”

The wondrous comedy duo, The Puterbaugh Sisters, have just released their latest work, a madcap feminist satirical web series Kitchen Women. Danielle and Tiffany Puterbaugh revisit life as a woman in the 50s, back when the notion of women belonging in the kitchen was unfortunately all too commonplace.

Fortunately, they revisit such times with a darkly comedic lens highlighting the cracks in the veneer of such a life fettered with broken glass and vodka. There is plenty of hysterical bedlam (as well as plenty of cameos by LA comedy favorites like Marcella Arguello, Ever Mainard, and more) through all six episodes.

So, without further adieu, please enjoy all episodes of The Puterbaugh SistersKitchen Women here.