Kevin Hart Don’t F**k This Up Docu-Series Truly Does Give an Insider’s Look Into the Life of a Superstar Comedian

Kevin Hart’s Netflix docu series intends to show Kevin confronting his past and present and future via tons of footage from all years of his life (and plenty of the present day non-stop, go-go-go, lifestyle he keeps up now).

Seeing Kevin get vulnerable and diving into his past is pretty intriguing, especially in how his mother and father have informed his life these days. Also,  the sheer scale at which Kevin Hart runs his entertainment empire is pretty damn captivating. Balancing, stand-up, running his own comedy brand Laugh Out Loud, starring in movies, hardcore workouts, his family, recording podcasts/doing radio, and so much more, we’ve perhaps never got inside look of the life of one of the biggest draws around that happens to be a comedian. 

Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up is now streaming on Netflix.