JoJo Rabbit’s Full Trailer Promises a Brilliant (and Very Fun) Piece of Satire

When first hearing about Taika Waititi’s project where a kid has Hitler as an imaginary friend, one had to wonder what exactly the celebrated writer/director/actor had up his sleeve (especially in these days where white supremacy seems to be on the rise again).

That being said, over years over great pieces of cinema, we should have faith that Waititi would deliver something special. From the looks of the just released full trailer for JoJo Rabbit, Waititi might be delivering his most poignant work yet. Thus far, it appears to be a sharply crafted satire that follows why being a Nazi is bad from the perspective caught up in the Nazi Youth, but still full of Waititi’s trademark playful sense of irony.

There’s promise here that might warrant timing whatever standing ovations that JoJo Rabbit would get in its opening week

See for yourself in the trailer here, then look for JoJo Rabbit’s theatrical release on Oct. 18th.