John Oliver Slams Donald Trump So Hard on Last Week Tonight That No One Else Will Have To, Hopefully

This past Sunday saw much of comedy rise to the occasion and throttle social injustice when called upon (even if it’s an implicit sort of call-to-action).

Chris Rock met expectations and talked about the diversity problem while hosting The Oscars relentlessly.

Then, just hours after that, John Oliver ripped Donald Trump hard on Last Week Tonight and did so in a such a great, brutal way that only Oliver can on his HBO show. It’s an early, secret Christmas present from John Oliver to the future of America

It could just be preaching to the choir, but it’s damn fine preaching. Please watch it here and share so maybe it reaches beyond the people that are already on board.

P.S. If elected, Trump wants to strengthen libel laws to make it cost dearly for people like Oliver to point out facts about Donald and make jokes about them.