Jen Kirkman Does an Interview With An Electric Toothbrush So She Can Stop Answering The Same Dull Questions in Future Interviews

If you read a bunch of interviews of comedians, or interviews of anyone in entertainment really,, you’ll find that people often ask the same questions and the results are often pretty drab. 

Jen Kirkman is hopefully putting a stop to that.

In an interview with an electric toothbrush she is holding, Jen answers the same rote questions she gets in most interviews with the goal that she’ll never be asked them again. 

Whether it be some question about being a woman in comedy or Bill Cobsy, you can get your definitive answers here one last time from Jen and her toothbrush.

We sincerely hope this becomes a trend as most interviews, especially on blogs and at press junkets, fall into the same trap of being uninteresting.