Watch Trailer for “Jafar Panahi’s Taxi” from Jafar Panahi Who Is Banned From Writing/Directing Films in Iran

One of Iran’s most currently celebrated directors Jafar Panahi is actually going through a twenty year ban on writing and directing his own films in Iran. As you can probably guess, the Iranian government had problems with the content of his films and after several arrests, Panahi received that long punishment despite being applauded for his work across the globe.

Panahi has not let the ban stop him from making films as he has manage to do them cleverly in secret, usually in the form of documenting himself and his environs.

His latest work, Taxi, follows Jafar Panahi as a taxi driver in Tehran, perhaps the country’s most famous one, and the slightly absurd passengers and situations that might come into his cab. It’s currently playing the film festival circuit, but hopefully it’ll get picked up for a limited release soon.

Watch, enjoy, and marvel at this trailer of what he pulled off here.