Jacqueline Novak Is Going Off-Broadway with “Get On Your Knees”


Some of you might have been lucky enough to catch Jacqueline Novak here in LA work on what is now going to be a full-fledged Off-Broadway show, Get On Your Knees

Certainly, there has been plenty of buzz about this exquisite show (Mike Birbiglia and Natasha Lyonne have attached their names as well as John Early set as director) have attached the that dissects the concept of the blowjob since Jacqueline has been “quietly” workshopping it around LA over the last few months. We caught it for ourselves a few months ago and it truly was a magnificent exploration of something that’s normally reserved for the arena of mere “dick jokes”. 

Get On Your Knees will indeed be headed to the Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC this Summer, but you really ought to keep tabs on Jacqueline’s Twitter and Instagram so you might just get one last chance to catch this like on Jun. 20th at Lyric Hyperion.