“How Did This Get Played?” Is Really Worth Listening to No Matter How You Feel About Video Games


Hosts Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger, as a sort of sacrifice for humanity, have subjected themselves to playing the worst video games of all time (many of which that deserve to be buried in sand more than the infamous video game of adaptation of E.T.) to bring you very satisfying hour of dissecting just how truly bad these games are on the new podcast How Did This Get Played?.

Sure, it’s a Sisyphean task for Heather, Nick, producer Matt Apodaca, and a weekly guest, but the anguish that every one of these video games cause is a pretty great bit of dark, existential humor, especially since you can often feel the rancor they have for having to revisiting these beyond-the-bottom-of-the-bargain-bin games. Such titles include Leisure Suit Larry, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Superman 64, and so much more (yeah, there are so many bad video games). You can be a hardcore gamer or barely interested in video games and we’re will to bet that How Did This Get Played? would make for a really good listen.

The name of this podcast, derived from the beloved movie podcast How Did This Get Made?, definitely had a high bar to reach, but most certainly delivers on ripping apart those best/worst video games. 

Episodes for How Did This Get Played? drop weekly from Earwolf.