Showtime’s “Happyish” To Follow Middle Aged Ad Man That’s Not Don Draper

The Hollywood Reporter chatted with the cast of Showtime’s upcoming Happyish which gave a little more insight into the show and how it might be, according to star Steve Coogan, an “…antidote to Mad Men…”

We got a brief glimpse of Happyish with the trailer posted over a month ago, but the specific plot details were a little fuzzy. 

The cast made the story all the clearer in this THR interview as Coogan plays Thom Payne, middle-aged man working at an ad agency that apparently is going to confront many of the questions that Mad Men posed in the era, but answer them with more present day morality in mind. Kathryn Hahn who has been on a role over the last couple of years including arcs on Transparent and Parks and Recreation, is the wife of Thom that won’t be like Sally or Betty either as their marriage will be focal point for keeping things together on the show.

On top of all of that, they’ll be taking on real brands like Dora The Explorer, etc. and serving them up satirically. 

Now that’s all cleared up, we’ll be looking forward to the premiere on Apr. 26th on Showtime at 9:30PM.