Please Make Guy Branum’s “My Life as a Goddess” Your Summertime Read (or Read for Any Season Since Guy’s Writing Is That Good)


The humor of Guy Branum is so exquisite in its careful juxtaposition of literary references and historical events from Canada (even though he’s not Canadian) and elsewhere into jokes about the world that he and the rest of us live in. It’s so refined and yet, we feel, accessible to those not as well read as Guy (that includes most folks by the way).

The canvas of an entire book, specifically the recently released My Life as a Goddess, allows Guy to really flex his brilliance and he definitely delivers in this regard. Really, there are very, very few writers and comedians that can circumnavigate the highs and lows of culture, both popular and sophisticated, in such an entertaining way as Guy does.

So, go get and make your Summer (or whatever season it may be) better My Life as a Goddess: A Memoir Through (Un)popular Culture now wherever you get your books.