Jim Gaffigan, Moshe Kasher, and More on Last Call with Carson Daly

Whatever your opinion of Last Call with Carson Daly, these candid interviews are actually pretty great. Unfortunately, they’re posted almost randomly several days after they air so most people forget about them, even if they watched it at 2 in the morning. This shouldn’t be the case as they highlight some of comedy’s up and comers as well as the greats. 

For starters there’s this one with Jim Gaffigan during the release of his special Mr. Universe.

Then, there’s a great chat with Michael Ian Black about his book, You’re Not Doing It Right.

Moshe Kasher also talks about his insane childhood in his book, Kasher in the Rye.

There’s even a great profile of 5 Second Films.

It’s a lot to ask for, but try to catch these on air if you can because who knows when they’ll be posted.