In Solid Premiere, More Watched “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” on Adult Swim Than TBS

Turner made a smart bet by airing their new late night show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on all of its TV channel properties. However, they probably didn’t guess that more viewers would watch it on the niche network, Adult Swim, over TBS, where Full Frontal will reside.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, about a million watched it on Adult Swim versus the 600,000 that watched it on TBS. While that metric is telling of plenty in what Full Frontal’s initial audience will be, Turner should be happy with a solid debut of 2.2 million viewers on basic cable in the overnight ratings.

One should note how Samantha Bee covered the election as well as, if not better than other hosts in the late night club. 

Following other late night launches at TBS over the years, including The Pete Holmes Show, Lopez Tonight, and Deon Cole’s Black Box, the fate of Full Frontal definitely seems hopeful right now.

Focusing less on interviews and more on innovative taped segments and Daily Show-esque ribbing of video packages worked for Last Week Tonight and Bee made it work in her inaugural episode.

Also, the ridiculing of the media for their often incorrect focus on her being a woman should prove for a good running gag for quite some time.