Please Get and Enjoy Emmy Blotnick’s Fantastic New Album “Party Nights”


Ever since we saw Emmy Blotnick start dropping by LA years ago, we’ve thoroughly been delighted in her unabashed excitement that she exudes on stage though seeming, at first glance, perhaps modest and reserved. Her giddiness for sharing her comedy with you is infectious and part of why, for us, her well observed jokes connect so well. 

Her latest hour on the newly released album Party Nights is a perfect showcase of all of this. From the get go, there is an unmistakable throughline of joy in Blotnick’s performance, even during the most self-deprecating lines, that make Party Nights a really wonderful comedy album. After listening to it, we almost want to hear Emmy’s take on, well, anything at all for how simultaneously subversive and fun it would be. 

Party Nights now is available from 800 Pound Gorilla here.