Earwolf Will Be Taping and Releasing Daniel Van Kirk’s The Wahlberg Solution

By this point, we’d hope you’d be familiar with Daniel Van Kirk’s mastered and hilarious impression of Mark Wahlberg that he’s done anywhere from Comic-Con to Set List: The Improvised Stand Up Show.

He’s now doing an entire show on Aug. 21st at 7PM at UCB LA as Mark Wahlberg with the following description: Musician, Model, Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur, Inspiration, Better Than You. After decades of using his knowledge to only benefit himself, Mark Wahlberg has teamed up with other celebrities and famous friends for “The Wahlberg Solution!” a round-table discussion of current news and events that will sort out the world’s problems as only A-List celebrities can.

It will be called The Wahlberg Solution and will feature Emily Maya Mills, Madeline Walter, and Kenny Stevenson as various “celebrity friends”, but, more importantly, Earwolf is recording this live performance that they will later release for all of us not lucky enough to be at UCB LA next Thurs.