The Dress Up Gang’s TBS Series Will Finally Be Released Via TBS app/VOD

It’s finally happening. The absolutely deserving Dress Up Gang are finally get their day to properly release the series that they made for TBS that was shelved indefinitely. There were multiple attempts to show/screen the series over the course of several months, which always received such a warm reception and yet, was ultimately shut down from a wider distribution.

Thankfully, in this time when networks are trying to snatch up/make any content that they can, it indeed ended up being a perfect time for TBS to un-shelve such a hysterical show. Announced last night, Dress Up Gang’s Donny Divanian tweeted that TBS brass have opted to release the series via TBS app and VOD starting this very Friday.

Again, we’d like to reiterate that The Dress Up Gang managed to be more about nothing than Seinfeld and yet, be cleverly upbeat and so damn funny. It’s definitely worth your time to binge watch this weekend.