#Pick of the Day: DeAnne Smith’s DeAnarchy (in NYC) 9/15

The wonderful and amazing DeAnne Smith has just switched coasts from LA to NYC (and NYC, you should feel so lucky). Smith originally hailed from up North in Canada and has, for the last few years, been a marvelous addition to the LA comedy scene.

Now, she’s in NYC, New Yorkers will get the expressed privilege of getting to see the undeniable charm and warmth that Smith brings in with her finely honed humor.

She’s doing her very own show, DeAnne Smith’s DeAnarchy, at Brooklyn comedy stronghold, Union Hall, on Wed. Sept. 15th at 7:30PM ET with a fantastic line-up of guests (Dylan Adler, Martin Urbano, and even LA’s own Ever Mainard). Tickets are $12 right now (and will be $15 on the day of). Go get ’em here.

Whether it be this night or another one, please, NYC, go see and book DeAnne.