“Other Show” Line-Ups for DCM 21


A big part of the Del Close Marathon, set for this weekend, is the shows that happen in the late, late night, the early, early morning, and the normal morning. Dubbed the “Other Shows”, it features some more of the experimental forms in long form improv or just comedic experiments in general. 

Some that you should watch out for in DCM 21 include:

Matt Besser’s Hootenany Sing-A-Long Improv Comedy Experiment
Carl Tart on a Hoverboard
Stop Matt Apodaca From Doing Comedy
Pass That Blunt Attempts a 15 Minute High Harold
Three Princes Presents: The Wildest Nastiest Pretty Fucking Flower 
Jacob Wysocki Sells His Shit
New Zealand’s #1 Improv Troupe
Bad Guitar Solos
Anything Can Be A Black Mirror Episode

The full “Other Shows” schedule are below. To get the full DCM 21 schedule, go here, and to get tickets/passes here. By the way, passes for “Other Shows” are only $12 for one day and $20 for the weekend.