Ricky Gervais Sets David Brent’s Return in “Life On The Road” for August

#LifeOnTheRoad The Movie. The Album. The Live Tour. August 2016 #BrentsBack #TheOffice pic.twitter.com/3RkUaWI8ky

Before his name was tied with ruffling the feathers of some celebrities at The Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais made a name for himself in America with the name David Brent off of the UK version of The Office.

The rock mockumentary following David Brent’s leap into music (that has been in the works over the last couple of years) not only has a release date of Aug. 19th, but there will be an album and live tour as well for Life on the Road.

If you’re familiar with the more serious musical forays of David Brent, please enjoy Equality Street.