Dave Chappelle’s “Sticks and Stones” Gets Announced by Morgan Freeman

Well, the fifth Netflix special, Sticks & Stones, from Dave Chappelle (also making it the fifth special since his long hiatus) is coming later this month. 

Whoever was there for the taping definitely knows what to expect. For the rest of us, it’s hard to say as Dave plays things pretty close to the chest these days (more so than almost any other comedian probably), often announcing shows on the day of at very intimate venues and being an industry leader of those Yondr bags. Also, that last special at The Comedy Store’s Belly Room seemed more impromptu than a crafted hour. 

So, this latest hour, to most of us right now, could be any number of things. We suppose that might be all part of Dave’s plan, a way to keep his mythos of being this living, breathing icon in comedy going. 

No matter what your feelings of those four previous Netflix specials are (and lots of folks have mixed feelings about them), it’s very likely that we will all watch it because Dave indeed is still that aforementioned comedy icon.

Certainly, this teaser doesn’t tip off too much other than Dave is going to speak his mind as announced by none other than Morgan Freeman. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s going to happen on Aug. 26th when Sticks & Stones drops.