Crime Comedy Continues to Trend with “Frauds” from Caspe/Ozeri/Tarses and “Arms and Dudes” Starring Jonah Hill

A wave in comedy that has been slowly building towards breaking across both TV and film has been crime themed comedy.

Already in the works, Johnny Depp has the high profile thievery comedy in Mortdecai and Zach Galifianakis is starring in Masterminds, previously titled Loomis Fargo, featuring a robbery by a more rag tag bunch. It might be a stretch, but you can this year’s unexpectedly funny revenge flick John Wick in there too. 

Announced this week, Happy Endings’ David Caspe, Gil Ozeri along with producer Jamie Tarses are putting together a family crime comedy at Fox called “Frauds”. It will follow low level criminals trying to work up their way to ponzi schemes (via THR).

Todd Phillips has just cast Jonah Hill and gotten crime comedy feature “Arms and the Dudes” moving forward at Warner Bros. Hill will be part of a duo that were stoners that end up dealing arms for the U.S. government (via THR).  Even though The Interview hasn’t made it to theaters and Arms and Dudes has to roll into production, we think the two would definitely make a good pairing.

Perahps, out of this trend, we’ll finally get the this decade’s Snatch.