Conan O’Brien’s Assistant Sona Movsesian Shines as Guest Filling In for Kumail Nanjiani

In an unexpected and likely historic episode of Conan (and that includes all the different iterations of Conan O’Brien’s tenure in late night), Kumail Nanjiani, the planned guest, was stuck shooting Silicon Valley due to some scheduling error and had to cancel last minute. 

Since Conan only has one guest now, this presented a conundrum of what exactly to do. Thankfully, Conan had his assistant Sona Movsesian, a perfect balance for Conan’s antics and tomfoolery, sit down with him as the main guest. The interview ended up being the sort of cheeky and snappy back-and-forth that you’d hope get out of a late night interview, no matter who is sitting across from the host. See for yourself here.

So, we’ll be seeing more of Sona on camera, right? You can enjoy a lot more of this dynamic on the podcast Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend as Sona joins Conan on every episode.