Conan O’Brien Will Be Going on Tour Again with His Favorite Comedians (and Also Giving Investment Tips?)


The last time Conan O’Brien went on a live tour was almost a decade ago (and right before he moved to TBS). Such a different and far off time, right?

Anyhow, Conan is going out on tour yet again all across country along with Rory Scovel, Ron Funches, Deon Cole, Laurie Kilmartin, Marina Franklin, Taylor Tomlinson, Moses Storm, Flula Borg, and more as well as, per the tour’s name, giving out hot stock tips, apparently.   

Conan breaking down the stock market alone is a good enough reason to get tickets, which go on sale this Friday, Sept. 28th, on this 18 city tour that goes from Nov. 2nd-Dec. 15th. You can snag them later this week at: