Conan O’Brien Thanks David Letterman For Saving His Late Night Career and Tells People To Watch Letterman During His Show

Late night talk shows at 12:35AM were not only pioneered by David Letterman, but they were apparently kept afloat by Dave as well. 

On last night’s Conan, Conan O’Brien expressed his gratitude to David Letterman in a story of how Late Night With Conan O’Brien turned the corner from a rocky start with the Letterman’s aid.

In an even more touching move, Conan, in the middle of his show, along with Patton Oswalt urged viewers to set their DVRs to record Conan and then switch to The Late Show as soon as it was starting.

Like we briefly mentioned yesterday, Conan O’Brien is now the longest running active host of a late night talk show. we’re glad to have an elder statesman that’s still up to orchestrated chaos reign.