Watch Conan O’Brien Get Into The Rum, Song, Dance, Cigars of Cuba

Conan O’Brien’s visit to Cuba aired as a special episode of Conan sans a monologue or sketches and was effectively a big long remote segment, which is one of the best parts of his show.

During his stay, Conan went through what a normal travel show might do in Cuba by taking dancing lessons, joining in a salsa band, taking Spanish lessons, visiting a rum museum, or touring through a Cigar factory, staring out at the sunset from a rooftop, experiencing Cuban fine diningvisiting El Malecón, or even having a farewell bit, but he did so as only Conan can do with his infectious silliness. In fact, Conan pulls off being the most fun loving goodwill ambassador there’s ever been in this Conan in Cuba special.

You can watch clips in the links above or watch the whole episode here.