Conan O’Brien Gets a Fantasy Coffin and a Movie Poster Designed by an Artist Who Has No Who He Is While in Ghana

In this era of truly stupid American diplomacy, there are a few bright shining lights that remind the everyone that America isn’t all bad. 

Sure, it may require one Conan O’Brien making a fantasy coffin in the shape of himself or commissioning a movie poster from an artist who has never seen any of Conan’s late night tenure or even know who he is. If that’s what it takes to spread goodwill around the world from the U.S. of A., so be it. 

Oh yeah, Conan Ghana, the latest installment of Conan Without Borders, is yet another great rollicking adventure of O’Brien venturing far outside the studio where Conan works his magic and builds bridges between cultures in a time where burning bridges seems to be the order of the day. How none of this is winning Emmys in the late night categories is beyond us. 

Enjoy Conan Ghana in full here.