Comedy Central Will Soon Be Airing in TVs in The Middle East and North Africa

(via Variety)

Maybe Comedy Central is taking up Bono on his suggestion to the Senate.

Through pay TV service OSN, media giant Viacom will have Comedy Central programming including Inside Amy Schumer and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airing in the Middle East and North Africa starting next month.

It was only recently that Bono had suggested during a Senate hearing on how to handle ISIS that he suggested that Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, and Sacha Baron Cohen be deployed with the idea being that satire will be the key to defeating the extremist terrorist group. 

This access to Comedy Central just might be the start of this move.

Though Baron Cohen doesn’t show up much in Comedy Central’s archives, Comedy Central has plenty of Schumer and Rock to play as well as certain controversial episodes of South Park and the subversively sex positive Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. Also, comedy by those living in the Middle East and North Africa will get a chance to shine as well.

There’s no specific word yet as to what shows might not make it over there, but the reception to Comedy Central’s most broad shows will definitely intriguing. We do kind of hope that Bono’s idea works out.