Pick of the Day: Clown Zoo (Wednesdays in LA)

As we’re carefully getting back into listing in-person shows, we’d like to one of personal favorites that’s a true gem and as distanced and outdoors as it possibly can get.

Clown Zoo, featuring many of LA’s finest clown/idiot performers, happens in one of the former exhibits of the Old LA Zoo nestled in Griffith Park. The likes of Chad Damiani, Natalie Palamides, Christina Catherine Martinez, Max Baumgarten, Courtney Pauroso, Juzo Yoshida, Corey Podell, Bill O’Neill, Ian Bratschie, and Charlie Barnett put on a “mask show” where they don masks and act out/improvise what is very likely, one of the most delightfully ridiculous things you’ll have seen in a long time. Oh, and it’s usually brilliantly live scored as well.

Join in on the rambunctious fun every Wednesday at 12:30PM PT at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park (4801 Griffith Park Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90027).