UK Comedy Series With U.S. Stars “Catastrophe” and “Cuckoo” Set to Come Stateside

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

There seems to be more cross-pollination between U.S. and U.K. comedy series as of late. Of course, The Office was famously adapted from Ricky Gervais’ version to the version starring Steve Carell that went for 9 seasons. Nowadays, James Corden and Showtime’s Episodes further connect the comedy bridge across the pond.

So, naturally, it would make sense that successful UK series Cuckoo that starred Andy Samberg and Catastrophe starring American comedian/author/Twitter king Rob Delaney and UK’s Sharon Horgan would find it’s way here.

NBC has ordered a pilot for an American remake of Cuckoo and Amazon has gotten rights to stream Catastrophe in the spring for people in the U.S.