TruTV Orders Bobcat Goldthwait Anthology Series “Bobcat Goldthwait’s Messed Up Stories”

It looks like Bobcat Goldthwait will finally bring his filmic vision (a la World’s Greatest Dad, Windy City Heat, Sleeping Dogs Lie, God Bless America), which he has been celebrated for, on to the small screen.

TruTV’s latest series order is quite the doozy as they’re giving Bobcat Goldthwait, who had been serving as a director on Those Who Can’t on TruTV, his own show that allows Bobcat to tell an anthology of different stories in different genres, all at his own whim.

Whether it be “1970s-era science fiction, psychological thriller, romantic comedy and reality”, Goldthwait will get to put his lens on it, which is reliably dark, unapologetic, and always hysterical.

If you’ve seen Bobcat’s work as an auteur, you’d know this is a big deal.